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The Better Half ™ (BH) is a 2-week program which enables the participants to become more successful, independent and learn to prosper in the role of a better half, to inspire peers and other women with visions of success. The wide range of topics covered in this program will encourage every participant to become self-reliant and better prepared for life in the world of varied responsibilities.
The objective of BH is to help the participants identify their own talents and abilities and help them to make personal choices more effectively. BH also gives them the power to make these choices convincingly. This program also helps them to accept the challenges of the different roles and responsibilities in their life with pride and confidence thereby helping them discover personal power and strength to make a difference in this world.
Females above 18 years of age. Language: Spoken and written English (preferred), Skill Set: Ability to understand and speak English. (Advice to improve English language will be given by the Program Co-ordinator if needed). Any course in singing, dancing, cooking, theatre, drawing and painting will be an added advantage.
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